Being a good photographer is more than just skill in being able to use a camera or owning the latest and most expensive photography equipment. Wedding photography especially requires much more to ensure the you can capture the beauty and magic of the perfect day.

So, if you are looking for the perfect wedding photographer for your wedding in Leeds, here are 5 qualities that you should definitely look for.

It's nearly time for me to have a well-earned rest with the family, Christmas now being less than a week away. I've been busy editing this week and love the finished results of my work.

There are many advantages to getting married in the winter season, however, winter wedding photography does bring its own challenges as there is less day light and guests are often reluctant to step outside and certainly don't want to be hanging around for very long. For this reason, I always carry good lighting equipment and a professional grade camera perfectly set up for winter low lighting conditions.

Not all photographers are set up well to deal with low lighting and some struggle with flash, losing the ambiance through harsh, artificial lighting. It is about knowing your craft and being able to strike the right balance between giving the natural conditions a little help and keeping the atmosphere just right.

Winter wedding photography can bring its own magic with snow filled backdrops and winter sun making for some very striking pictures, not to mention the dramatic backdrop of many indoor venues at this time of year, particularly around Christmas and Halloween. 

So, if you are looking for the ideal winter wedding photographer in Leeds, Manchester, Birmingham or Yorkshire, take a look at some of my images below. You'll see what a difference the right photographer with the best equipment can bring to your special day.

Today I made the most of the glorious sunshine and took my camera out to Roundhay park, the best city park in Leeds and perfect for macro photography. Using a specialist macro lense I was able to capture some amazing images of the wildlife in and around the park.

I will shortly be working on a new website for this type of photography and offering prints of the best that Yorkshire has to offer. Roundhay Park is definitely a favourite of mine.

Just recently I did a pre-wedding shoot in Roundhay Park with the lovely Joseph and Marie prior to their wedding at King's Croft in Pontefract. It's a great way to get to know the couple before the big day and ensure they feel relaxed and comfortable around me, helping me to build a rapport and give me an idea of what style will suit the couple best. I've often used the park as a pre-wedding photography backdrop and you can see some of the results below, along with a sample of my macro photography and the wonderful landscape scene of the lake in Roundhay Park.

I'm really excited today because my new website, is now live. With new, improved galleries I am pleased to showcase my wedding portfolio and demonstrate the amazing array of wedding locations that I have been privelled enough to shoot throughout Leeds and Yorkshire.

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