birmingham wedding photographerMy name is Resh Rall and I specialise in Asian wedding photography in Birmingham and the Midlands. An Asian wedding photogapher with over twenty years' experience, I am the perfect Indian wedding photographer, Hindu wedding photographer, Muslim wedding photographer and Sikh wedding photographer who is not only skilled in capturing the magic and ambience of your special day, but is also very much a people person who can put yourself and guests at ease to bring out the very best in you.

I can be there from before the wedding to photograph your engagement and pre-wedding shots through the preparation for the wedding and the ceremony itself before heading to your reception and caputuring the uniqueness and special ambience of the day.

I am happy to meet you before the day to discuss your requirements and to get an overview of your wedding event from the number of guests to the timings on the day, ensuring that I capture every special moment with perfect precision and timing. 

So if you are searching for the perfect Asian wedding photographer in Birmingham and the Midlands, please contact me via my contact page. I very much look forward to hearing from you.


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